Aan godiawalaAan Godiawala

The concept of  Wake up to Dream is brilliant.. It can inspire many.. It has benefited me many times by letting me have only positive ideas… I would recommend this to others as we can set our goals fearlessly and eliminate the useless stuff.. Law of attraction always works if we fearlessly dream and firmly believe in it.. 🙂

Devadatt PandyaDevdatt Pandya

Thanks a lot Niravbhai for Saturday’s session & road map/process.

We were so charged up after that session. I have already putting / listing collecting my dreams other then the professional ones. Looking forward to your guidance.

Asmi Tambe (2)Asmi Pradip Tambe

The session has changed our mindset. We have put our thoughts into actions and started implementing them, it also increased our self confidence.

Arnav Vasavada

Arnav Vasavda

I feel great that I have received Nirav Sir’s wishes. Thank you so much for your positive energy and guidelines. It’s very helpful for my life. Keep in touch and give me your positive energy. I had got a dream chance to meet my favorite cricketer and captain MSD because it’s a result of my VVP process (the process taught in the session).

Pooja Bisani (2)Pooja Bisani

Every moment of life is beautiful, if I have the right perspective towards life. Many things are unfold into me between last and this week. Becoming a part of W2D. Meeting Ekta I am inspired by her in all ways, her happiness, her enthusiasm her eagerness to learn more having a standpoint in thinking good no matter what people speak/think, never give up attitude, her faith in god that he is there for me. Experiencing her was so beautiful.

Parth Shah 2Parth Shah

The session was fantastic yesterday i have started implementing positive attitude in my life and started working out for my dreams it feels great ……thank u to help me realize my dreams .I request u to inform me about further sessions.

Spandan Rajyaguru 1

Dr. Spandan S. Rajyaguru

This will create a positive hurricane in our life. Now we are move clear about goals, priority.

Neel KaloliaNeel Kalolia

It influenced and motivated my life very much and will look forward to attend more sessions & will tell my friends of it.

Jigar Rawal (3)Jigar Rawal

Will try to implement all the things which I have learnt in this session, even in small cases. Was awesome and had a wonderful time visualizing things which I didn’t.

Niraj GanatraNiraj M. Ganatra

I am very clear to how to achieve my dream. This is a tremendous thing you do for the people who can’t achieve their dreams.

Vyom ShahVyom Shah

I got motivated and I am looking forward to attend further sessions.

Maulik DoshiMaulik Doshi

It will change my life – in fact it changed my life and way of thinking. POSITIVE ENERGY. Just want to compliment as you are doing social service & changing lives.

Ishan patelIshan Patel

This session will help me set my dream in life and to make them true.

Tejas KhandhadiyaTejas Khandhadiya

Interesting. I have started implementing the dream file in my life.

Punilrajsinh SolankiPunilrajsinh N Solanki

Sir as you guided me my steps got stronger, and last Saturday my first professional project was inaugurated. Thank u sir because of this I recognized my talent and it helped me a lot.

Dhruti ParmarDhruti Pramar

Thanks for the lovely and very helpful weekend session. I have reached to 5th step in our last session. Now I have started implementing the 6th step. (Started doing self talk.)
Thanks for the support. It has brought a lot of changes in me. I have found positive difference in me because I have started to meet new people, it makes me feel good.

Girish Korwani 1Girish Korwani

Sir I achieved my goal No.1, now moving towards my 2nd goal, thanks for showing me vision of life, that’s to god that he blessed me a great friend like you and ma’am.

Kunal ChughKunal Chugh

We were just like this directionless papers and with your wonderful motivation, we are trying to fly our kites in the sky. When you are the navigator, we hope our kites soars higher.

Every self made and self motivated person too requires the much needed push. Thanks for the push. It has really helped a lot in other spheres of life too.

Joseph Raj

It was pretty awesome, I needed it at this time of phase of my life. Reading the age groups would really matter the youngsters are more effective.

Grishma Shah

I will implement on whatever important 6 steps of life thought as all thru out and share and special it with others the way Niravbhai did to me. Loved the presentations the efforts made in making it is totally worth it.

Bhavna Rathod

Effected very hearty, excellent helpful.

Riddhi Bhatt

It will influence my life and entire people who are around me. I think now, I can change my life. Now, I have confidence. Thank you very much.

Pooja Mody

I like it very much. It’s really smarter way to improve and success my life. This session really influence my life very much.

Mansi Shah

This is because of the guidance towards my dream. I am going on that path. I AM LUCKY.

Manthan Patel

You are a great human being amazing person with amazing positive abilities…seriously you stand as a big idol in my life looking at a way you have handled your problems a HATS OFF to u.

Bineka Sadhnani

I should say this that you have come up with seriously great idea that is needed for the youth.

Suraj Rajan

Great to see a positive response and it is indeed that you are great in sparing your precious time in bringing a change in people’s life.

Vimmi Surti

Thank you so much for listening and guiding me rightly. I truly needed to hear that I m alright but a change in perception is must. I look up to you and there is just so much to learn from you.

Digesh Gajjar

My self Digesh Gajjar & My wife Manushi Gajjar, we feel very positive in our life, we know that how to reach our goal & channelized them proper way in W2D workshop.I would like to say, when the W2D start specially my wife thought that she have to open a new fashion studio from past 10 years But somehow she not able to do but when she was attended W2D session she know that how to reach the goals & then she opened a fashion studio from our house & believe me response is super.These types of many small & big things are changed in our life & we are reaching all our goals in our life. Also I thanks to all the member of W2D & specially Mr. Nirav Shah & Mr. Nihar Shah for donate their valuable efforts & time.

Anuja Dave

I just want to express my gratitude to you as you have been instrumental in changing people’s mindset towards achieving their dreams.
I am following your footsteps and this journey so far has been self-enlightening.
Looking back, now I am much more confident and positive towards life.

Jugalkishor Nagar [Director, Shree Ideas Unlimited]

I have attended a few sessions of ‘Wake Up to Dream’ and found it is very inspiring, innovative and a scientific approach towards fulfilling our dreams. I was surprised that it took 45 years for me to know that the formula of getting the dream lies in our mind and nowhere else. I have read many books on Positive Mental Attitude, success theories, etc. But here I got the step by step course of how to visualize the dream and how to get to the final destination. My heartiest Thanks to Nirav and his team and I also thank them for doing such a great innovative work with the society.

Manushi Digesh Gajjar

My one experience here, I saw many dreams but one of that was a new car (i20), I struggled for many months to achieve the dream, but when I started our workshop, than I was working for of my many other dreams with this one with your methods and techniques and those are awesome and super working for us. Now that my dream is achieved today, but I only say that you are super sir.

Rachana Pattani

In the 1st lecture of ‘Wake Up to Dream’, it was suggested that I visualize it.. My Mamma and Dad wanted me to join any company as i was a ICWA.. But I wanted to be a teacher and so I visualizie it.. And today I am a teacher…

Dhaval Shukla

First of all thank u for teaching me about dreams. Before 3 years I was told that dhaval what would u want in your life if you become a millionaire. During that time I had no idea about dreams, even though I made a dream-list with picture with help of Niravbhai. 1. I have farm house, 2, I have a Scooty for my sister, 3 I have a car etc. Niravbhai told me that you should speak regularly with yourself, that you have farm , scooty, car etc . and i blindly followed him.
So with the power of dreams, before 2 years i had purchase a farm at bavla, i gave scooty to my sister , and on 16/3/2011 I purchased a santro car.
So dreams come true and dreaming is powerful. So important thing is

1. make a dream list with picture.

2. to set date for achievement.

3. to speak regularly about your dreams with yourself.

Thanks a lot.

Manisha Vatvani

Felt to become happy from the bottom of the heart. Felt to meet god. Felt to become happy from the bottom of the heart. Felt to meet god.

Tarun A. Jain

Till now I always let go my dream, but now I will work on it.

Rajesh Bhavsar

This session has influence me a lot and I will use it to achieve my dreams.

Komal Ramani

Help me achieve goals with proper planning.

Shailaja Patel

by this workshop 1, I will achieve my dreams very soon. It is very effective.

Yatri T. Parikh

This session will help me in my studies.

Priya V. Modi

Help to give perfect direction my life, achieve everything in perfect time, life is do very short what you want fast.

Toral D. Khajanchi

I am totally clear about my own dreams.

Jayshree Rathod

I can now better set priorities for my goals and do work on them.